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Pillow Suggestions Please.

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  • Pillow Suggestions Please.

    Hi I've been recently diagnosed with chronic sleep apnia. I have been having 37 episodes an hr. I'm 48yrs old, 6-3' and 23 stone. I sleep on my side and this often gives me dead arms. I am finding it hard to have masks stay comfy on me, I have the Philips consumer developed mask now, I like it but it shifts as I get right before I nod off and the air wakes me. So.. my question is, can anyone recommend a jumbo / large pillow poss memory foam that I can try please ?. Right now I'm using duck down and a regular foam pillow I tend to tuck under me on top. Any help is very much appreciated. Oh and hi all 🙂

    Regards Sam

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    Hi Flappers,

    Thank you for your post. Have you looked at the Ultra CPAP pillows that we have available on our website -

    The pillow is available in 2 sizes - Royal or King size. The pillow have a special cut-out to accommodate the mask to help avoid pressure marks, leakage and general discomfort associated with the mask digging into the ordinary pillows.

    Please have a look at the product page, and customer reviews and let me know if you have any questions.

    Kind Regards



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      If that does not work, I use a cushion I got from Ikea, it is just 6 to 8 inches across but it can be used horizontal or vertical on top of a pillow and this creates a small lift off the main pillow so the mask stays put. Until you move around a lot. But I found this my best option, sleep with the mask over the edge of the pillow and I have no problems. It also can go straight into the washing machine and was as normal, quick to dry as well.
      S2S - Sleep2Snore


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        For all the price it is worth a try if there is an Ikea near you.
        S2S - Sleep2Snore