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  • Sore Nostrils :(

    Hi, been a few years since i last posted, everything has been going fine for the last 4 years but now i am experiencing very sore nostrils that was me in the night. Plus in the morning when i blow in to tissue paper i see spots of blood.... they don't appear if blowing my nose at any other time, but my nostrils remain very sore and feel inflamed.

    I have a ResMed S9 Escape + H5i Humidifier + Climateline - the humidity is set to auto, and the climiteline i've recently increased to 27 with no signs of improvement.
    I read somewhere that coating of Ky Jelly may help, i've tried this for a week now and still no improvement and it's getting worse.

    I've now read of NeilMed NasoGel SPray, as can be seen here

    Has anyone used this spray or can recommend an alternative therapy? perhaps i should be phoning resmed or the sleep clinic for their advice, but hoping i can try something else before bothering them... so thought i would bother you instead lol

    Any advice would be much appreciated, my nostrils seem on fire!

    Thank you

    Well, i'm now at the maximum 30 degrees on the climate line and the Neilmed spray arrived today so will start using that - hopefully this will help at least ease the symptoms i'm having.

    Further info:

    The cpap clinic got back to me and told me to take the humidifier off auto and start at 4.5, and bring the climateline down to 24.
    The first night i had rainout and am increasing it by 1 each night, tonight will be 26.
    Nasal symptoms have improved but not purely down to the change in humidifier settings, but also the Neilmed Nasogel spray is helping.

    I think i have noticed is since putting the humidifier in manual it is using a lot more water from the reservoir, thus evident the auto was not cutting it.

    Hopefully these updates may assistance anyone in the future reading back on this forum with similar symptoms as i had.
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