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Feeling full of wind in the morning

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    Thank you so much, Sparticus! This makes a lot of sense.

    I am usually a side-sleeper, but when I first started using the machine, I had to sleep on my back because as soon as I turned onto my side, the mask slid and leaked. After about - now that I think about it - 10 days, I'd got the hang of the mask enough that I could start sleeping on my side again. I'd worked out that, to avoid leaks, and especially leaks into my eyes, I needed to sleep with my chin tucked in and my head putting pressure on the top part of the mask.

    So I probably just need to work out a way to sleep comfortably on my side with my airway more open. CPAP pillow, here I come! (Fingers crossed.)

    Thanks again.
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      Great answer Sparticus. I too suffer occasionally from this, from the sound of it, it seems quite common. In my experience it is the sleeping position or position of the head that kicks it off. Sometimes all it takes is a mask adjustment and that makes you lie slightly differently which solves the issue. But its one of these intermittent things thats hard to recreate when you want to. So like many things in CPAP and life in general - its just trial and error


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        The advice has been very good - I still suffer occasionally but not as was happening previously

        And thanks for the advice regarding a CPAP pillow - I am going to ask my chiropracter for advice here regarding height as do not wish to exchange one problem for another.

        This was one I am considering - any advice by those who use or have used a CPAP pillow gratefully accepted

        Once more many thanks - without this site I may have been tempted to give up now I cannot imagine not having my machine, Shame professionals do not appear to have the time to really discuss problems.

        Next I think I need to tackle the issue of whether my mask actually fits my face - there was no measuring or consideration we were issued with CPAP machines en mass (about 10 of us) & I have a very small head and find it hard to prevent air in my eyes - could it be I need a smaller mask? Do they all come in different sizes?


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          The CPAP pillow has made a world of difference! It hasn't stopped the wind entirely, but has reduced it by 90%. And the mask slips a lot less when I sleep on my side, now, and also digs into my face less. Wins all round!

          It has to be said that it is an amazingly expensive bit of kit, though. I've never spent as much as that on a king-size duvet, let alone just a pillow! Thankfully, it does the job I had hoped it would, and it is incredibly comfortable (I got the memory foam version). If anyone else is thinking of buying one, they are available from Intus and Amazon UK, but they are currently cheaper at Intus.