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Sleep study results for CPAP settings

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  • Sleep study results for CPAP settings

    Hi all,

    I'm new to the forum and have noticed people on here tend to be very helpful, I would really appreciate any info/help with my sleep study results, I'm looking to buy an auto CPAP unit in the next few days and wondered what my settings would be based on these results. I'm pretty sure ill need a "nose mask" I think its called for the auto CPAP this in turn will help me with upper airway resistance syndrome and stop me snoring and give me normal sleep back. Please feel free if you disagree as I said any help/direction would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks :-)

    Total recording time (TRT) 409.0 mins
    Time in bed (TIB) 354.5 mins

    Epworth score 6/24
    AHI 4.4
    OAI 0.2
    CAI 0.0
    MAI 0.0
    ODI 4.4
    CSR% of TIB 0.00%

    Respiratory events:

    Index (#/hour) Total # of events Mean duration (sec) Max duration (sec) # events Supine
    Central Apneas 0 0 0 0 0
    Obstructive Apneas 0.2 1 12 12 0
    Mixed Apenas 0 0 0 0 0
    Hypopneas 4.2 25 35.3 80.5 1
    # events Prone # events Left # events Right # events Up
    Central Apneas 0 0 0 0
    Obstructive Apneas 0 1 0 0
    Mixed Apenas 0 0 0 0
    Hypopneas 6 18 0 0

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    Good Morning,

    Thank you for your email.

    If you are purchasing an auto CPAP machine, and do not have any specific settings requirements then I would suggest setting the machine of the default settings, which are normally

    Lower Pressure 4.0cmh20
    Upper Pressure 20cmh20
    Ramp 20 Minutes.

    By having the biggest range of pressure, this allows the CPAP machine to perform at it's best and give you the best CPAP therapy. The machine starts at a pressure of 4.0cmh20, waits for you to fall asleep. Then the pressure increases and decreases within this range, as and when you need to during the night, and over time.

    All the auto CPAP machines work the same way, and you cannot make a "wrong" choice in terms of the effectiveness. The difference between them are the features that they offer, and therefore which you feel you would benefit from. For example:

    1. Dreamstation Auto - This has Bluetooth connectivity, and an app/website that you can review your data on a daily basis to see how well the therapy is working. It is probably the quietest machine currently available (though all are under 30Db).
    2. SleepCube Auto - Probably the easiest machine to use, and is quite portable as it does not have an external power brick. Also has a three-year warranty, so is very reliable.
    3. SleepStyle Auto - The most advanced machine available, this has a built-in humidifier. Humidification prevents you waking with a dry mouth; if you already experience this, then CPAP is likely to make this more frequent and a humidifier is therefore recommended. The SleepStyle has this built-in (the two above can have it added as a separate item that connects to the main device).

    All of the above can be found here -

    All of the machines (apart from the Dreamstation Go, a travel-focused machine) come with a carry case, set of filters, tube and power cable. The only other item you would need to get started is a mask.

    There are two main types of mask. Nasal masks are for people who breathe exclusively through their nose, throughout the night. The are nasal cushion and nasal pillows varieties; pillows are a good option if you have mild sleep apnoea, but for moderate or severe nasal cushion is usually more comfortable.

    Full face mask are for people who breathe through their mouth some or all of the night (if unsure, a full face mask is the safer option).

    Please note that all the masks on our website are cross compatible with any of the CPAP machines we currently sell, so you can choose any combination to suit. You can browse our range here -

    So you can choose which mask type based on your breathing style, and then within the types they are listed roughly in order of popularity. The keys things to think about when looking at masks are:

    1. Size - if you are asked to select a size, then underneath the photographs you will find a "Downloads" tab. if you click on here, you will see a sizing guide. Please download this file and print out at 100%. There is normally an inch square, ruler or credit card diagram on the sizing guide for you to check that it has printed out at the right size. Follow the instructions on the sizing guide to measure your face, and to see which size mask is best for you. Please note the sizing guides are mask specific. So, if you are a medium in "Mask A", then you may not be a medium in "Mask B" - always use the guide for the specific mask you are choosing.

    2. Mask Fit Insurance - This is available on most masks and allows you to try the mask at home for 28 days, and if it is unsuitable for any reason then you can return it for a refund of the mask price. We recommend taking out the mask fit insurance to any new CPAP user, and to people who are changing their mask to something different. This costs 14.99 for nasal masks and 19.99 for full face masks.

    Do you want to have a look at the CPAP machines and masks, and then let me know if you have any questions.



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      Hi Kelly,

      first of all thank you for such a through and informative reply.

      im just in the middle of purchasing an almost new Transcend Auto Portable MiniCPAP complete with the CD’s so hopefully I’ll be able to return it to the settings you suggested above. I have been on your website looking at masks and I’m thinking that a mask with the air pipe on top on the head would suit me best so I could hang it over the bed hard board. I’m not 100% sure the nose fit on the face piece on the Dream wear mask would suit me, I think an “over the nose and mouth” gel face piece would suit me better. However if I got the insurance I could always return it if I couldn’t get along with it. The pipe up top is the first consideration for me as I do sleep on both sides and on my back. I’m going to spend sometime on your website looking at the masks. Once I have it running and I’m getting along with it all, I’ll look at any extras eg humidifier heated hose etc.

      once again thank you for your help.


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        Good Morning,

        You are more than welcome.

        Here is a link to the software for the Transcend Auto, should you wish to download the latest version -

        If you have any questions, or if I can be of any further assistance then please do let me know.