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News: 3 Year Olds - Obese & OSA

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  • News: 3 Year Olds - Obese & OSA

    In the Independent today:

    Steve Ryan, medical director of Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool, said that "significant numbers" of children as young as two and three are now classed as obese; they've even started to suffer from adult breathing disorders, such as sleep apnoea.


    Overweight parents bring up overweight children, and there's nothing funny about three-year-olds who are so fat they can't breathe.
    That's not pleasant news to read, is it? How do you think this treand can be stopped or slowed down at least?

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    Education, Education - Knowledge & Reward Control

    Hi James

    Excellent thread - very worrying trend but as ever it comes down to education and a clear understanding of a parents responsibilities.

    You know how hard it has been just to bring your average GP up to date on OSA and its numerous links to other health issues - HBP; diabetics; breathing problems; weight control etc etc.

    If the national papers covered this in clear simple terms the message could be heard by the public in general - those that do not have easy access to computers / internet etc

    It could also be covered on childrens TV on programmes like News Round!

    With serious cases a reward for good control of eating habits to both parents and children alike could be a partial answer. (i.e. weight loss rewarded with a trip out to a theme park / other events).

    Anyway enough of me - what does everyone else think?
    James you could make this a sticky thread to get more people viewing?




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