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Robotic Surgery - A way to get rid of CPAP Machine

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  • Robotic Surgery - A way to get rid of CPAP Machine

    Hi everyone,

    I've been suffered from sleep apnea so long. It is really troubling and I want to stop using CPAP machine. My wife and children are really disturbed at the nights and I was really unhappy about it. But I find out that there is robotic surgery for sleep apnea patients. I actually find out a really good female surgeon in turkey. She is a professor and also educated in Harvard. I also searched prices in USA but they are really expensive I cant afford it, but in turkey the surgery price is way much cheaper than here. I reached out one of her patients and he told me that the surgery was very successful and they got rid of CPAP machine. I send a message to her instagram for a chance and her foreing patients team answered me very quickly. They were really helpful. I am going to visit her next weeks for consultation and if like it I get a robotic surgery. If anyone wonders, her name is fatma tulin kayhan.

    I will update you once I get a consultation. I just wanted to share with you guys, there is hope for us. Hopefully, I will be cured for good.

    Have a nice day everyone.