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    I was diagnosed with a sleep disorder many years ago, while it was a huge problem once upon a time it no longer effects me. However the docs refuse to discharge me.

    I am looking for a sleep monitor. I bought a very cheap fitness band that you had to turn on the sleep function, which I often forgot and it did not monitor the occasional snooze. I bought a more expensive band which monitored high blood pressure rates too but this did not work. I bought a Huewei Band 3 which supposedly is developed with a sleep clinic at some hospital but it does not works well.

    So anyone found a sleep smart watch, sports band or anything else that works?

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    Hi Macski

    I have a fitbit charge 2 that has a sleep monitor on it. So far its managed to record how much sleep I get each night, light, deep and rem sleep. Is this the sort of monitoring you are talking about?


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      My husband has bought Lenovo Cardio Plus for monitoring heart rate and how much he sleeps.