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Mandibular Advancement Devices - 2018

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  • Mandibular Advancement Devices - 2018

    I've just subscribed to this forum. I tried CPAP and BIPAP, but both didn't work for me. I'm considering a ``Mandibular advancement device" but it seems very expensive and not certain it will work. Can anyone who has tried such a device let me know whether it worked, and the pros and cons of using it? Thank you!

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    Hi Needsleep,

    Thank you for your post.

    Can I possible ask why you did not get on with your CPAP therapy, and ask if you have mild, moderate or severe OSA? The reason I ask is that mandibular advancement devices are recommended for people with mild to moderate OSA. We have 2 of the mandibular advancement devices, and they are both worth having a look at.

    1. Somnolis Mandibular Advancement Device - This product provides a low-cost method of evaluating the effectiveness of mandibular advancement for your snoring or OSA. It is effectively a trial, which if effective allows you to purchase a longer-term MAD with confidence.

    2. Somnofit Mandibular Advancement Device - The simple boil-and-bite method gives a customised fit that brings the lower jaw forward, creating better airflow and reducing the pressure that causes snoring and apnoeas.

    The advantage of a mandibular advancement devices is that it is a cheaper method of treatment then a CPAP machine and mask.

    The disadvantage of a mandibular advancement devices is that you have not way of seeing if the product is effective, apart from whether you are feeling better, and sleeping better.

    If you have any questions, or would like any further assistance, then please just let us know.

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      Never tried one, but if you are anything but a MILD apnoea/apnea patient the chances of it working for you are slim.
      I know a few people that have tried one and gave up due to jaw pain or it just didn't work for them for one reason or another.
      CPAP/APAP is by far the best way forward, a lot of people have problem with CPAP at the start, in fact I know of a few that gave up, put it up on a shelf, then took it down, dusted it off and decided to try it again. Most succeeded the second time around, maybe just a bit more desperate and having to make it work. Mostly it is a case of a bad fitting mask or bad advice they got when starting out (or in my case very little advice, and there was no help around on the Internet). An APAP is a lot better to get on with and so is Nasal Pillows, but masks is the biggest issue for most people, the machines, they can be tweaked to suit you, but masks is a BIG headache. If you could try them before you take them home or buy them it would be a BIG boost. The rest is just getting used to having a mask on all night, it has to be all night.
      If you have problems maybe we can help you try CPAP again?
      S2S - Sleep2Snore


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        Hi Sleep2Snore,

        Thank you for your post. The mandibular advancement devices are not for everyone, but are worth a try.

        I will agree with you that CPAP therapy is the best treatment for Sleep Apnoea, and that half the struggle is finding the right mask, especially if you are new to CPAP or wanting to try a different mask.

        At present we (Intus Healthcare) currently offer mask fit insurance on the some of the masks that we sell. So for an additional 14.99, this allows our customers to try the mask out at home for 28 days, and if it is unsuitable for any reason then you can return the mask using the pre-paid returns label to us, and we will refund you the price of the mask.

        This also allows our customers to contact us with any issues they are experiencing with the mask to see if we can help them ie fitting video, sizing guide, mask liners etc. If the customer still finds the mask unsuitable then, we can help you find an alternative mask.

        If you would like to see the range of CPAP masks that we have available on our website, then please click here.

        If you have any questions about any of our masks, or would like any help with looking at mask then please contact us on 0800 024 8050 or