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  • another type of machine

    Not sure if this should be in the CPAP Machines forum .. it describes itself as that but it doesn't really work that way. In fact, it's better described as a NEP machine - negative external pressure. It does use air pressure but I think it's only to grab the neck skin and pull it into a hard shell - sucking the throat into shape rather than blowing it.

    Apparently only available in Canada - anybody seen one ?

    Curiously, it still has to be prescribed by a doctor - despite not being any more invasive than a neck support. I guess that's just to ensure it's working correctly.

    It doesn't look very hard to make your own, given a 3D printer and a quiet pump.
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    To be honest I can't see how it can work very well considering everything that blocks your throat is inside and this thing is attached to the outside of your neck.
    Also the tongue and soft tissue that causes the problem is above where it works, so how does it clear the airway?
    I think this is one of these things we would like to work, but I don't think ever will.
    Which is a shame, because something like that that wold work would be such a boost.
    I will keep living in hope of something that will come along and actually look promising that it will work.
    So I think I would pass on this no doubt expensive contraption.
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