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    Hi. I had my sleep test 8 months ago and finally had my consultation over the phone today. It seems I have mild sleep apnea but my big problem is significant problems with falling asleep driving. The consultant says 'significant problems' but its not a daily occurrence or even a weekly occurrence but it still happens and it's still a big problem so I'm not allowed to drive. I've been marked as urgent for a CPAP machine so 1-2 weeks but what he didn't say was once I have it when can I start driving again? I can't stay at home forever and there was no mention of a follow up appointment.

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    Good Morning,

    Thank you for your post.

    Our customers who purchase a CPAP machine from us, we ask them to provide 1 months of data and an updated epworth sleepiness score form and then we can provide a letter to the DVLA to show compliance with treatment.