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Adjusting to new sleep as beginner CPAP user

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  • Adjusting to new sleep as beginner CPAP user

    Morning all.

    I was diagnosed a few weeks ago and have now got a set up that's working for me (res med system one and respironics dreamwear hybrid full face mask). AHI 2.4 (was 29). 1-2 trips to the loo in the night. I'm noticing my mind is clearer and I have much more get up and go, until around 6pm when I suddenly feel super sleepy again. Is this because my body is now having to readjust to more activity or could it be my hormone levels all having to rebalance? How long will it likely take for things to settle? It's like a sudden wave of sleepiness hits me just when I need to be sorting kids bedtimes etc.

    I'm overweight but now making much better food choices and introducing more activity so the weight's going down slowly. Depression and potentially long covid with chest discomfort and palpitations. Awaiting cardiac stress test. (But maybe all due to the poor sleep I've experienced for years!).

    Maybe I'm looking for the silver bullet, hoping for overnight complete transformation .

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    Good Afternoon

    Thank you for your post.

    I would suggest using the CPAP machine and mask you have for 1 month and then sending your CPAP therapy data to your healthcare provider to review.

    We do this with anyone who purchase a CPAP machine from us, as this givens them enough time to adjust to using the machine and mask, but also allows us sufficient enough data to see what is going on.

    The target AHI with a CPAP machine is 5 or under, so if you are achieving this, then this is great.

    We also check to ensure the CPAP user is using the correct mask type, and mask size for their face, as mask fit/leakage can affect the data on the machine.

    If you have any concerns then please do speak to your GP.