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Told to inform DVLA, need advice.

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  • Told to inform DVLA, need advice.

    Hello, I was recently diagnosed with SA, had the sleep study and received my CPAP machine (today) it was only a couple of weeks since the study so has all gone very fast. I need some advice though and what to expect here as I'm in a panic about losing my license.

    I don't suffer daytime sleepiness to the point where I fall asleep, I feel a little tired sometimes during the day but the majority of the time I am fully awake, alert, and have absolutely no problem driving (I think I have had SA for years and only just had it checked out) never had a problem on the road. The doctor has told me I need to inform the DVLA.
    Now originally when they asked me to complete that score form, about 0-3 do you feel tired when reading a book, behind the wheel (etc), I marked them all to pretty much 0. The doctor said that it was odd that I scored it so low due to my study suggesting I had moderate to severe SA, and told me to fill it out again, I told him that if I get overly tired then I just go to bed anyway, which is usually in the evening when relaxed (normal i suppose)... but he insisted to do it again, based on 'do I feel tired' in these events (instead of falling asleep) so I marked it higher to satisfy him.

    Now I have to inform DVLA, he tells me! And see how I get on with the CPAP machine.

    I still insited I have no problem driving, never had an issue since passing my test 1st time which was 4 years ago, I believe I've had SA for at least 10 years as I remember many years ago waking up and knowing I stop breathing, I just never bothered to get it looked into.

    So what should I expect, will I lose my license?

    Or is there a way around this?

    Thanks all.

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    Good Afternoon,

    Welcome to the forum and thank you for your post.

    We (Intus healthcare) do not deal directly with the DVLA, so I would recommend calling the Sleep Apnoea Trust to ask for their advice. Here is a link to their contact details -

    They have section on their website about Driving and Sleep Apnoea -

    Please let me know how you get on.



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      I understand, Kelly. I was more hoping to hear from others in my situation and their experience.


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        If you write to the DVLA it will take them a while to send you a form, by the time they send you it and you get the proper people to fill it in you should be compliant and there should be no interruption to your driving. However, You need to use your machine and if you are having problems, phone your Sleep Centre for advice to get this sorted right away. The Sleep Nurse should be able to give you advice. However, since you have just started you may need to see the consultant. You do need to use the machine every time you go to sleep to become compliant in the time you have.
        S2S - Sleep2Snore