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    Hi guys, will be as short as possible.
    3 months bk , I was diagnosed with osa
    s, mild to severe, apparently 15ahi ....

    Now been on CPAP for 3 months.
    Have always told them that I have and had never suffered excessive sleepiness whilst driving.
    Dvla know and have now had a reply from my consultant.
    (Finally). My nurse has always told me during our conversations that all numbers look good and she is pleased how it's all going.

    The major thing that worries me is, I will lose my license on my ahi levels alone. They have been Between around 5-20 most of the month and 4 episodes of 50+. But most under 15.
    I have been worried sick as I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks.
    Am I likely to lose my license even if I am following treatment completely? I have also only seen my consultant once..
    Please help me with any opinions, I will greatly appreciate it.

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    Hi Sc00by,

    Can I ask which CPAP machine and mask you have, and do you have access to view your data (ie Dreamstation auto and SystemOne CPAP machines users can view their data on the website/app).

    The target AHI to aim for when using a CPAP machine is 5 or under. I would suggest asking your doctor/nurse to review your data as this might highlight why your AHI is going up to 20 or 50+. This may be down to you using the wrong type or mask, or whether your mask leaks during the night. Hopefully by reviewing your data they would be able to help you reduce your AHI.

    With regards to you being able to drive, you would need to ask the DVLA what their requirements are.



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      Hi Sc00by,

      Here is a couple of link to the Sleep Apnoea Trust's advice that might help you:

      Sleep Apnoea & the DVLA -
      Driving & Sleep Apnoea -



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        If your Sleep Clinic is happy with you and you do not feel tired, this is half the battle.
        The DVLA should contact them to see if you are compliant and not feeling tired to their knowledge.
        Some of the newer machines can tell the Sleep Clinic a lot, the older one they could only go by hours used.
        Some of the lesser machines are still not much better. If you have an APAP, you can download Sleepyhead software to see how you can improve things.
        Sleep Clinics do not like people playing with their machines, so tread carefully here. But you can see if it is just straight OSA or complicated sleep apnoea you have.
        Google Sleepyhead.
        S2S - Sleep2Snore