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  • DVLA Sleep Apnoea and YOU

    February 2017
    There is a new guide out for Doctors which they must report to the DVLA.


    AHI below 15 (Mild) Sleep Apnoea. CAR and Motorcycles: - Must NOT drive but need not report to DVLA. Driving may resume only after satisfactory symptom control.
    AHI of 15-29 (Moderate) & 30+ (Severe) CAR and Motorcycles: - Must not drive and must notify the DVLA.
    This requirement also applies for a suspected diagnosis yet to be confirmed.
    Subsequent licensing will require: Control of condition. Sleepiness improved.
    Treatment adherence.
    The DVLA will need medical confirmation of the above, and the driver must confirm
    review to be undertaken every 3 years at the minimum.

    Apnoea moderate and severe Apnoeas without sleepiness:

    AHI 15 to 29 (moderate) AHI 30 or more (severe) on the apnoea-hypopnoea
    index or equivalent sleep study measure: -

    AHI 30 or more (severe) on the apnoea-hypopnoea index or equivalent
    sleep study measure.
    Must not drive but need not notify the DVLA.
    Driving may resume once associated symptoms such as poor concentration have been brought under control.

    Lorries and Bus drivers are another minefield and need medicals and a more stringent conditions to be adhered to to keep your licence, but all MUST NOT DRIVE and report it to DVLA.
    See here page 102 chaptor 8 ... ionals.pdf

    But Car and Motorcycles drivers, you can still drive, though your licence may be suspended for a while.
    The other thing that you should be aware of is that you must inform your car insurance.

    Bus and Lorry drivers, read the above. This is intended for doctors and is just part of the document of reportable medical conditions.
    See the above document for full details. You will need a .pdf reader.
    You may still get your licence back, but please read the above .pdf link. Group 2.

    Hope this helps.

    S2S - Sleep2Snore