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Sleep Apnea And Dieting

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  • Sleep Apnea And Dieting

    Hi everyone..........

    just wondering how you all go about losing weight to ease your osa....

    after reading that untreated sleep apnea causes insulin spikes and therefore promotes the body to retain even more fat i opted to try the atkins low carb diet my reasoning being ........

    * its a very easy diet to follow, just learn how to read food labels and your away

    *i can eat as much meat , eggs, cheese as i like infact as much protien and fat as i like , therefore never going hungry as i would on a calorie controlled diet

    *high carb foods (white bread, potato's, pasta etc) encourage weight gain low carbs means no insulin spikes, body burns fat

    i would say i needed to lose about 30lb to get my body down to optimal bmi , i lost 15lb in the 2 week induction phase of atkins, and found it fairly easy, i have had a couple of blowouts with vodka and diet coke but the great thing is there is no carbs in vodka your body just burns the alcohol first

    i hardly miss my chips anymore and mix double cream with water to replace milk for my beloved tea, word of warning tho when on induction and your body goes into ketosis (fat burning mode) your breath may begin to pong

    will keep everyone posted on how i do as i add carbs over the weeks and would love to hear how you all go about losing weight

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    good luck with youre atkins diet
    i started weightwatchers in january and to date have lost 2stones 12 pounds.
    due for a review after a confirmed diagnosis of OSA in march. fingers crossed the weight loss has helped improve things, will keep you posted
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      Hi Paul,

      First of all - good luck with the weight loss, keep us informed of your progress!

      Secondly, I wrote a blog post on the link between sleep apnoea and weight yesterday based on a news story I came across. I noticed this thread just before publishing, so I've referenced you in there as well so that more people will find this thread.

      You can find the blog post at the usual address if you're interested

      Tom @ Intus
      Tom @ Intus

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        thanks jackyk i will keep you imformed too, well done on the weight loss its brill keep it up hey, never done the weightwatchers thing but if it working go for it girl ....

        thanks for the link tom, read the post and was imformative altho dont u agree that "gaining more weight will lead to more sleep apneas" is pretty obvious, more weight on neck and organs will lead to more apneas obvs. if we end up with more chins than a chinese phone book our windpipes pay for it.

        to me the revelent point is that before cpap i tried and tried to lose the weight i was gaining but was gutted as i got nowhere, yes my fatigue was awful but i didnt want to let it beat me.. its a fight all of us with osa are in, and only us living it can truelly say how it feels.. we have to offer our experiences for the future, we live it every day (never forget sleep depravation is used for torture)

        i'm still in early stages of cpap and fatigue to me hasnt changed but almost immediatly the weight dropped off, i think my body wants some payback and will take a while tired wise, but i still feel different i have no doubt cpap is working even if i am struggling with it at mo...

        once we are diagnosed i think the good thing we have is the internet, we can google and know more about osa than our gp's... like anything else tho its cutting the wheat from the chaff and learning what is right and what is wrong..

        I have read several reports on the fact that untreated sleep apnea causes insulin spikes, this without a doubt causes weight gain, so to me it makes sense that the main point is that if "sleep apnea causes weight gain" and "weight gain causes sleep apnea" then its a vicious circle, to most users cpap takes away the "sleep apnea causes weight gain"... it puts u on a playing field u can cope with and begin to deal with ....

        so why low carb diet? ... well i never needed to diet before and infact still dont agree with dieting its about lifestyle changes that matter.. never really had to diet before so i googled like mad, and i came to the conclusion that low calorie diets make ur body go into starvation mode and begin to shut down needing less calories to cope, so when u give up and eat normal u put more weight on... looked at G.I. diet etc and other carb restricting diets, and i may move on too one of them one day but i wanted it now and atkins i chose..

        for me for the first time in 30 years my pancreas has a break my body is resetting and burning fat, not fat causing carbs and with cpap i'm seeing the benefits come on u lot lets get our lifes back and pass on our gained knowledge not go quietly into the night...

        i'm 5 minutes into this and would welcome anyones contribution, i'm sure some old timers with osa have the tee shirt any feedback would be welcome ...

        regards paul ....


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          Hi Paul,

          "altho dont u agree that "gaining more weight will lead to more sleep apneas" is pretty obvious, more weight on neck and organs will lead to more apneas obvs."

          Definitely! There's always been a link between the two, but it was interesting to actually have a study that uses 20 years of data to really prove it. Before it was simply based on common sense more than hard data, so it's good to have it proven by in-depth research. That's why I thought it was worth highlighting, more than anything.

          You're right about the fatigue caused by OSA though and the difficulty in losing weight as a result. I mentioned it being like a circle in the blog - have OSA, no energy, put on weight, worse OSA, even less energy, put on more weight etc. Hopefully you're now getting into the positive reverse circle I mentioned, whereby now you're using CPAP, you have the energy to exercise (or will to do shortly) and lose weight, reducing your OSA, and the circle goes in the right direction.

          I also agree with you about it being more important to change your lifestyle than to go on a diet, which is why I didn't mention diets in the post. They tend to be a fad that people give up on after a while, whereas a lifestyle change gives consistent results for many, many years. As a short term solution diets can work wonders, but they're very hard to consistently maintain over a long period of time.

          I wish you the best of luck - you seem to be doing very well so far!
          Tom @ Intus

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            new patient

            Hi all
            as the title says new patient started cpap 2wks ago, I feel am getting less sleep now than before I started on cpap just feeling crap in the morning as soon as I get up, I'v have my driving licence stopped god knows how long i'll have to wait to get that back as my job is driving, back to the cpap just can't get use to it in and out of sleep during the night making me feel worse than I did before, is there any hope.

            warrinton blue


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              Hi Warrington, sorry you are having a bad time but if you can get the hang of cpap it is a great therapy.

              The main tricky bits are the pressure and the mask, are there particular problems you are having? If its the mask then maybe we can advise , if it's the pressure then maybe another chat with the sleep clinic might help, if its dryness possibly a humidifier might be needed.

              If you can't sleep for any other reason, spouse, cat, sleepwalking while attached to a cpap machine etc........... we may not be able to help but we would love to hear about it (we is all def nosiness)

              Don't give up on it as personally I find a minimum 5 hours a night is a heck of a lot better than I was before re energy, ain't superman but almost a normal human being (just got a cushion chucked at me for using the word normal-I think it's affectionate)


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                Two weeks in - don't be surprised that this is not an instant miracle cure - or that it is easy. It took me two years to finally be successful - but if your job is driving you will want to do it quicker than that. If you are reliant on NHS then it is going to make your choices of equipment more restricted.

                Don't give up - I know the temptation - but it will fall into place if you keep trying.
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                  Hi W',
                  Stick with it.
                  People I have spoken to say it took them over eight weeks or they got used to it. When asked which day or week they had their first good nights sleep they had to think hard and they all said them same. They were not sure, they just suddenly realised they were feeling better. They all say they can't sleep without it now.
                  Mind you I mostly talk to the people that have problems with adapting or new to CPAP, I know others get used to it a lot quicker. Honestly, you will get there.
                  I was much the same, though I did adapt very quickly. I just realised I was feeling a lot better.
                  Nearly everyone I talk to says the same thing, the mask and dryness is the biggest problem. Keep persisting with it and if you wake up and you find the mask on the floor, don't leave it there put it straight back on again. If there is any problem you are having, please ask and we will try to help.
                  My biggest problem was getting a mask I could put up with that wouldn't cut the bridge of my nose or give me sore eyes with air leaking into them from the mask.
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                    Hi Paul, good luck with the diet, though you don't feel you are on one when on the Aitken's Diet.
                    The man in the Diet Clinic up here recomends you cook all the meat and not fry it.
                    He follows the Aitken's diet but cook and not fry.
                    He follows the recomendations from a famous research instute near hear. They say it is healthier and even more effective.

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                      We can easily lose weight by having the correct food and exercising.Take care of the stuff what you eat.Avoid junk food and fast food that will help you in gaining your target.


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                        Originally posted by Smith1 View Post
                        We can easily lose weight by having the correct food and exercising.Take care of the stuff what you eat.Avoid junk food and fast food that will help you in gaining your target.
                        Waiting for the replies and ideas or comments?That will help in starting a discussion.

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                          I think it is ok. It won't be against your dieting plan) Good luck with getting fit)