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Erectile Dysfunction Helped with CPAP

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  • Erectile Dysfunction Helped with CPAP

    This topic has been mentioned around here once or twice and tends to be greeted with giggles but it's no laughing matter for a lot of people. Here's some research specifically done among sleep apnoea patients on CPAP. It confirms the lack of blood oxygen affects its ability to stand tall and that CPAP can help you out in this department.


    Conclusions ED in OSAS is related to nocturnal hypoxemia, and about 75% of OSAS patients with ED treated with nasal CPAP showed remission at one-month follow-up, resulting in significant improvement in quality of life.
    This may also help convince the other half it's a good idea to get that latest shiny CPAP you have your eyes on
    Cheers, Joe

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    And let me add that the spam-attracting V-you-know-what-agra pill worsens sleep apnoea (messes with blood oxygen) so trust CPAP to take care of ED, not the magic pills.
    Cheers, Joe


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      Given that ****** is not indicated with those suffering with high blood pressure or heart health problems I wouldn't imagine many of us on this forum getting much access to them.

      ED must be extremely difficult as it is something few men would ever want to discuss with anyone and for diabetics its something that may be an issue in their lives. Emotional problems are bad enough but to have physical ones as well...

      A friend who bought a ****** pill on holiday reported that the drug works very effectively and his wife was initially very appreciative. However, he couldn't leave the flat for two hours after while he waited for it to wear off...

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        As a relative newcomer to the forum, I thought I would add to this old thread, hope you don’t mind.

        I have been using CPAP treatment for over 4 years and am also a Diabetic for over 6 years, and have some insight to Erectile Dysfunction and the benefits of CPAP and the well known drugs that are used to help with this problem.

        My problems in the bedroom were one of the symptoms that made me go see the doctor and discovered I was diabetic, service stations on the motorway being too far apart was the other!!

        My doctor is a young 30 something, blue eyed blond, and not the ideal person a guy would want to go discuss ether problem. So after checking the usual problems with guys over 40 , and doing a test on my pee it quickly became evident I was diabetic.

        Now once I was put on the usual drugs to sort out Type 2 diabetes, the next step was to hand out (free) medication to solve the bedroom issues.

        The little blue tablets turned out to be a nightmare, causing Blocked nose, vision issues with incredibly bad head aches for the next 12 hours or so. To cap it all they didn’t work at all unless you took them on an empty stomach, at least 30 mins and no longer than 2 hours before being needed and even then they don’t always work!! Over the next two years I tried them loads of time and always the same issues, till I finally gave up using them.

        I was diagnosed with OSA about 2 years later, and due to my need to drive I went out and purchased my APAP machine straight away.

        By now my diabetes was quite well under control, but the Erection dysfunction remained. I had read that there may be a link to Sleep Apnoea and was curious to see if CPAP would change anything.

        I am sorry to say that it didn’t, but I can confirm that the little blue tablets really cause problems with the use of CPAP. The reported blood oxigen issues aside, the blocked nose is imposile to get rid of till the drug wears off.

        For those who have erection Problems, please swallow your pride and go see your doctor...even if she is a blue eyed blonde, as there are other options available. I now use a little yellow tablet and that works really well, with no headaches, blocked noses, vision issues, and best of all you can take it after dinner and it works for hours

        I hope this has not depressed a load of guys hoping for a miracle cure, but there is hope..

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          Erectile Dysfunction Helped with CPAP

          ED can be preventing by self care also. People should aware about sexual health. Symptoms of sexual disorder are like a loss of sex drive, lack of erection, lack of sexual desire, weak urine flow, problems getting or keeping an erection, pain in the lower back, hips etc. Green tea, tomato, papaya, soy bean these are the best vitamin for male sexual health. Another side some herbs such as Ashwagandha, Guduchi, Shilajit, etc are used to treat various health ailments, especially the male sexual issues.


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            Anything that helps.

            I am not overweight, my blood pressure is normal, I exercise regularly and eat wholesome food - nor am I diabetic and have no erectile problems. Yet I still have moderate sleep apnoea - I will admit to enjoying a glass or two of alcohol and that doesn't help I know...but it does help me to relax and in moderation I think it is acceptable
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              Blue Tablets

              I tried one of those tablets and it got stuck in my throat. I had a stiff neck for a week. Ha Ha


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