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'Popping' sound during sleep.

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  • 'Popping' sound during sleep.

    A newbie here for advice and help please!

    Unfortunately, my wife 'pops' during her sleep.

    As far as I can make out, it appears that she breathes one way through her nose and then the other way from her mouth, thus producing a popping sound.

    Sometimes it is quiet and sometimes it is loud and keeps me frustratingly awake.

    If she lies on her right side, it is worse than her left and just as bad if she lies on her back.

    What is the problem and can this be rectified at all please?

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    You don't say if she is using a cpap or not and if she is, what mask does she use?
    Hard to answer questions without having any info.

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      Merton 69

      Hi Merton, welcome to the forum. I have to agree with Lorraine. You need to give us more info, The sound you are hearing may not even be involved with her breathing, It could be a throat, stomach, ear, or bone problem, More info please? For all we know it might not be her at all-- it might just be your hearing, or the bed popping. Berneta


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        If the sound comes from her nose/throat area and she is not a hosehead, it may be a mucous membrane/blockage. Can you get her to blow her nose without getting your head bitten off for waking her?

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          She is not using anything.

          As explained in the opener, the popping sound is coming from the throat area.

          Because she breaths mainly through her nose whilst asleep (and being relaxed), the air coming/going doesn't always come/go out of her nose, sometimes through her mouth, thus giving out a popping sound.

          No animals invloved!!



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            Hi since she is not using a CPAP--TF's explaination sounds the most likely to be true. if you are sure the sound does come from her. Maybe she needs tested for Sleep Apnea? Or at the very least she probably needs to see a GP. x Berneta


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              Hi Merton,

              She may not even suffer from Sleep Apnoea, it may be just the vocal cords responding to the change of air direction or relaxed mussels in the throat, but not enough to block the airways completely.
              I think the wisest thing to do would be to get her to be referred to E.N.T. to get this checked out.
              I knew someone that made the popping noise when they fell asleep and after a while started to make the noise.
              They never stopped breathing or showed any signs of Sleep Apnoea other than the popping noise and they lived to be over 90.
              I can see how at times this noise would get annoying and I can sympathise with you.
              Get her to go along to her GP and go with her for support, after all it is affecting you as well (more so as she is maybe not aware she is doing it).

              Getting her to go to the GP will be the worst part.
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                Could be saliva bubbles popping. Breathe in through nose, have saliva in back of throat, breathe out a bit during mouth, POP! I've witnessed it myself and think that's what it was in this person. Swallowing solved it, but it's difficult to make a sleeping person swallow. She could try and not drink anything X hours before bed to force some dehydration perhaps, if anything purely as a test.


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                  Poppng Sound

                  Hi Merton69
                  Just was wondering if your wife ever got to a GP-- or has found out what causes the popping sound? Or have you dealt with it in some other way? Hope all is well--and just checking to see how you may have resolved this problem. Best Wishes, Berneta


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                    Originally posted by Berneta
                    Hi Martin, its a great show- very funny in part. I never miss it--as its a favorite. (Monday nights here) There have been scenes with Mike actually using the Mask and CPAP--and the first time Molly was startled by the sudden awakening and seeing it. Sorry no prizes for seeing the CPAP that I know of. There is a another show--a movie called Hall Pass in which a guy sleeps with a Mask and CPAP too. Seems Americans are learning a little about Sleep Apnea and the humor of it, as well as the problems. Its about time, don't you think? x Berneta
                    Greater awareness will lead to more diagnosis will lead to more treatment.

                    More treatment will lead to fewer road accidents, better productivity and less strained relationships - good news for them.

                    Wider CPAP use will lead to better machines, better masks and cheaper costs - good news for us!


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                      I had a similar problem and have to agree with the reply about mucus etc

                      I found that if I blew my nose and had a good cough it stopped

                      Hope this helps .....All the best.....Andy


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                        Hi ch325,

                        Thank you for your post.

                        The posts from Merton69 and onwards are from 2011-2012. The forum has move on alot since then and we (Intus Healthcare), and the other current forum users are doing our best to help people with any questions or assistance that they need.

                        I am sure if you read some of the latest posts on here, you will see this for yourself.

                        If you have any questions, or if we can be of any assistance, then please either post a message on here, or you can email me at and we would be happy to help you in any way that we can.



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                          I, like Merton69, have a wife who clicks very loudly. All I can tell you is she breathes in through her nose, then out through her mouth, and there is a loud click (sometimes 2 or 3) at the point she begins to breathe out. The clicking is the valve that opens to direct the air out through her mouth instead of continuing out of her nose. I would compare the sound to the little poppers on the metal lids of products that signifies if it's been opened. Yes, it is that loud most of the time. It's unbearable. I am a light sleeper, so every night I am awake multiple times. This takes it's toll on me during the day. We are parents to five children, one has special needs (yes, all mine and hers before you ask). I am often drained during the day and all I can think about is my bed. Then when I get to bed it's the same torture all over again.

                          This was the only post I found where someone nailed it down to breathing in through the nose then out through the mouth. Nobody else seems to have this same issue, or at least have it nailed down to the problem I suggested.

                          I am going to try and get my wife to see a GP for further advice. Thank you to the mod who stepped in at the end and clarified the purpose of this forum and others like it. I will try and remember to post anything of use after I find a way to get my wife to see the GP.


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                            Did flopnose or Merton69 find anything out? My husband does this a lot and it sounds just like a safety seal on a pickle jar.


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                              There are a few thing that can cause popping, water in hose, throat closing on exhale, twin linings in nasal pillows hitting together when breathing in or out, mucus in the nose or a polyp or the machine to full of water. I get popping at the start when the water is high, but it soon stops, get it a lot in clod weather when condensation make water condense in the hose running to a low part, then there is a pop every time I breath in or out. Vocal cords can also pop. Really yo have to look into it yourselves, just isolate the noise until you get an answer.
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