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This stopped me and why.

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  • This stopped me and why.

    I tried everything. Tape across my mouth, things for your nose, moulded mouth pieces etc. Nothing worked until my wife saw ‘Snore wizard’ mouth piece whilst telly shopping. It looks just like a boxers gum shield and it’s not cheap at 30/40 but does work. I looked into why I snore and this thing works because it is able to move the lower jaw forward (and keep it there) allowing air to move passed the soft tissue without the resonance which is snoring. If your still reading this far then you’ve got a real problem like me. If you buy one of the ebay lookalikes it won’t work as your mouth will open allowing your jaw to move back. They are all too small to work. Snore wizard is large enough to keep your jaw is place. Downsides are – dry mouth, turns a funny colour with age (the snore wizard not you), doesn’t last forever and it takes a couple of nights to get used to it. I keep mine by the bed until I get receive an elbow and pop it in.
    This is the correct type to buy – remember a lot look very similar but are all too small

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    Sounds like a mandibular advancement device. They’re quite commonly used for snoring, mild osa and bruxism.