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  • Fisher & Paykel Evora

    Is anyone else here using this mask ? I received mine from Intus on leaks like a sieve I'm constantly adjusting it through the night but not getting anywhere ...Myair app recorded 0 out 20 for mask fit last night.

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    Good Morning,

    Thank you for your post.

    Can I kindly ask you to check the cushion size is the correct size for your face.

    Have you watched a fitting video on YouTube for this mask to ensure you are putting it on correctly?

    There should also be a QR code on the mask packaging that you can scan and it will help you with this mask.

    It does take a little while to get used to a new mask, so please do try for a few more nights.



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      Hello Kelly
      I was hoping for this mask to work as I'm currently using a Resmed N10 which is on it's last legs...I collected a new Airsense 10 machine and new mask from my sleep clinic just after Christmas but the mask they put in in an F&P Flexifit which is not great. I'll try the Evora for a while longer.


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        Good Afternoon,

        Thank you for your reply.

        The ResMed N10 mask is a nasal cushion mask. Is the Evora mask you have a full face or nasal mask?

        I would say that the Resmed Airfit N20 mask superseded the N10 mask, so this may be a suitable option if the Evora mask is not.

        Here is a link to the ResMed Airfit N20 nasal mask page -



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          Hello Kelly it's the Evora nasal I have already tried the N20 and I find the cushiion pinches my nose...any news on a new Resmed mask sometime this year ?


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            Have you tried or had a look at......
            1. Ascend Gel Nasal CPAP Mask – FitPack - This is a gel mask so cooler and softer on your nose. It comes with 3 different size cushions and is risk free. So if it is unsuitable for any reason then you can return it within 28 days for a refund
            2. AirFit N30 Nasal Cushion CPAP Mask Starter Pack - This is a newer Resmed mask than the N20.
            3. Eson 2 Nasal Cushion CPAP Mask - This superseded the Eson and is very similar to the N10/N20 mask design

            Here is the link to the range of nasal cushion masks that we sell -

            Please have a look and let me know if you have any questions. Please do however give the Evora nasal mask a few nights to get use to.