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Issue with mask i think?

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  • Issue with mask i think?

    I was diagnosed with severe OSA in December. I got a prisma smart cpap with dreamwear full face mask. ( I hope I've got that right).

    For the last month or more I've been having an issue which is constantly waking me up during the night. Its like the mask is too full of air and I can't breath with it. I usually turn off the machine and turn it back on. If I'm lucky it'll only take me 15/20mins to drop off to sleep. It could be longer. This can happen up to 10 times a night. Sometimes which i believe is common, I'm taking the mask off me in my sleep.

    I have spoken to the company I got the cpap machine from and they are saying the machine is detecting an apnea episode and is increasing the air output to stop the episode. According to them my body will have to gey used to it.

    Has anyone else had this issue and found a way around it?

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    Good Morning

    Thank you for your post.

    Can I kindly ask if the machine wakes you up as the pressure has rapidly increased in the night? This can sometimes be caused when a CPAP users rolls over in the night and knocks their mask on their pillow. This breaks the seal of the mask on their face and causes an air leak. The machine detects the air leak and increases the pressure to compensate. If this happens I would suggest the following

    1. Press the ramp button on your machine. This will reduce the pressure back down to a low pressure to allow you to catch your breath, adjust your mask and settle back down to sleep.

    2. Consider looking at a CPAP pillow with cut out sections so when you sleep on your side, the mask hangs over the gap rather then knocking it and breaking the seal on your face -

    3. I would suggest trying a standard full face mask that sits over your nose and mouth, as the Dreamwear mask is a hybrid mask that sits under your nose and covers your mouth. It replies on the holes in the top of the cushion to align with your nostrils to get a good seal. Here is a link to the range of full face masks that we sell -

    Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of any further assistance.



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      How do i send post on the forum?


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        Good Afternoon

        Thank you for your post. There should be an upload attachment or paperclip icon to attach the photo to your post.