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    Hi All,
    Is there anywhere in the uk that designs and makes custom masks built around the individuals face rather than a near as possible fit? And if so why stop there couldnt you design a mask so that it doesnt look so serious all the time. perhaps a Dr Who mask or a Superhero mask would just brighten it up a bit. Just a thought! just feel alot of money could be made and alot more people could have a perfect nights sleep.

    very tired

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    I like the fun mask idea! It might make it less alarming for children whose parents use CPAP, as well (although the kids might then want to share in the fun...). But I expect they would be a lot more expensive than standard masks, simply because there would be less demand for them.

    The gel mask I use apparently can be shaped to the individual face by heating in boiling water, cooling briefly, and then holding it to the face to shape it. I haven't tried this yet because the mask already fits very well when I'm sitting up or lying on my back, and the fact that it fits less well when I move to my side is mostly due to displacement against the pillow

    I suspect that custom masks would have a similar problem: they would fit perfectly only in a couple of positions, where there is no external pressure on the mask.

    For those who really can't get a good enough fit, I wonder whether it might not be possible to make a few standard masks with a variety of detachable gel cushions, so you could mix and match from a small number of basic (presumably more expensive) masks and a larger number of varied (presumably cheaper) gel cushions, which could then be permanently attached to the mask once the correct fit is achieved.

    And having said all that, I bet if Rupert Murdoch or Mitt Romney needed CPAP, they would expect, and have no difficulty in obtaining, a custom-fit mask.