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Problem with S10

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  • Kelly @ Intus
    Good Morning,

    Thank you for your post.

    CPAP machines life spans depend upon how well the machine is looked after and maintained (ie flters changed). Some last 3-5 years and others over 10 depending upon the customer.

    I would suggest your contact Fisher and Paykel customer service team to see if they can help you with your issue.


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  • Ashley W
    started a topic Problem with S10

    Problem with S10

    I’ve been a CPAP user since 2017 and have been using the same S10 Elite with Fisher and Paykel Simplus Full mask since then (obviously the mask and cushions have been replaced many times over the years). Likewise the heater tube and water tub have been replaced regularly too. My pressure is set to around 13.

    All has been going well up until 6 months ago when I started to wake after around 5 hours of use with a cracker headache. And then I would have trouble getting back to sleep with my mask on but no problems without.

    My reported figures have been good with AHI of 1 and under most nights.

    The only thing I have noticed is when breathing out the resistances that I used to feel is not there. It singular to when EPR is enabled which I have checked on my machine it it isn’t. In in fact I actually played with the EPR setting many years ago and the feeling I experience when I wake is very similar, but again 100% it’s turned off. Likewise when breathing out the slight change of noise from the machine you normally hear is not there.

    Also worth mentioning my problems started around the last time I replace the humidifier tub with the replacement tub being the first I’ve had with the round metal base.

    Anyway I am starting to wonder if there might be a problem with my machine? Before I go and get a new one anyone have any idea of might be wrong. Also how long do they normally last and when they start to fail what goes wrong with them?