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  • CPAP lost/stolen

    Hi there!
    I was wondering if anyone might be able to give some advice on a weird situation I'm in.

    I'm a UK citizen who was diagnosed with sleep apnoea and prescribed a CPAP (Resmed Airsense 11) while working abroad in Canada this summer. Because I was a long term worker I was eligible for government health care but still had to pay half the price myself (around 400 including insurance and extra supplies etc). I came back from Canada and when I was moving back down to my new place in Leeds, I accidentally left the CPAP machine on the train. I was obviously upset, but figured it would just go to lost property at the end station and they could reunite me once it was logged. But the problem is it was never handed in.

    The train was an Inverness to London Kings Cross train. I went from Aviemore to York and accidentally left it on the train as it went to its final stop in London. I've tried the kings cross lost property, Inverness lost property, the entire rail network of LNER stations lost property (including York) and Scotrail lost property and it hasn't been handed in anywhere. I think at this point I can assume it was stolen by someone else on the train.

    I have given my doctor all my sleep apnoea diagnosis and sleep study documents provided by the sleep clinic in Canada. I have also arranged an appointment to talk to them about getting another but have read online that there can be HUGE waiting lists for them. Since I've now realised it was stolen (as opposed to just being lost) I'm thinking it might be worth looking at the insurance I had for it, though I think that was more for malfunctions or damage than theft of the entire thing.
    I'm still waiting on my appointment with the GP but scared they'll either insist I have to get a sleep study done over here or that there will be a huge wait.

    If anyone had any advice ont he best course of action or just ideas of other things I could try to either get it back or secure a new one I'd really appreciate it so much!! I'm really struggling without it. I'd forgotten how tired I was all the time before I got it, especially now I'm gonna be working 5 days a week over Christmas!
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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    Hello, Sorry to hear about this and that your CPAP was not in the lost and found department. If you are looking at get a new machine and you do not want to wait, you can order a new CPAP machine and any accessories directly with Intus. If ordered before 2pm, as long as in stock, it is next working day delivery with DPD within UK mainland. We will need a copy of your sleep test results or anything that proves that you are suitable to use a CPAP machine.
    If you have any questions, or if I can be of any further assistance then please do let me know.


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      Hi, I'm in the UK and my GP referred me to the NHS sleep clinic in October of this year. I then got an appointment for next March. (2024) I was desperate for help sooner so rang the clinic and they suggested I go on the cancellation list which I did. Within a week I was offered an appointment for three days time which I gladly accepted. I now have my machine which I'm so grateful for. So my advice is if you're faced with a long wait for a hospital appointment, see if there's a cancellation list you can go on.


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        Good Morning,

        Thank you for your reply and for letting us know.