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AirSense 10 AutoSet - Excessive pressure during the night

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  • Kelly @ Intus
    Hi Icebun,

    Thank you for your response.

    When you say the tube pulls occasionally, what do you mean by this? Would a CPAP hose lift help with this? -

    If you can go into the "myair" website or app, and view the data from your CPAP machine, then you should be able to pdf a report of your data and email that to us at Then we can see have a look at it and see if the mask leaking is causing problems.


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  • Icebun
    Hi Kelly,

    Really appreciate the response and useful tips.

    Currently using a ResMed F20 Mask and have been on CPAP since February this year.

    You might be right about the mask leak bit as well as the tube pulls occasionally.

    Unfortunately for me I need to have a full mask and the Dreamwear full face which I tried did not provide adequate therapy for me. Daytime headache and tiredness at the beginning of the day are the clues for me.

    Seems that a Cushion rather than the pillow arrangement appears more effective for me.

    I got hold of the sleep clinic in the end who capped my pressure at 9.0cmh20 as they said that I tend to peak at 11 so 9 was the average.

    Ever since then I have not had a further problems other than daytime tiredness (but only from around 6.00pm onwards).

    I have been using the MyAir account was has been very useful as well. Results here all in the 90%+

    With regards to the data on the SD card, how would I get this to you out of curiosity? Is it a case of a straight data copy?

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  • Kelly @ Intus
    Hi Icebun,

    Thank you for your post. I apologise for not getting back to you sooner.

    The ResMed Airsense 10 Auto CPAP machine works off of a range of pressures. So when you put your mask on and then start the CPAP machine, the pressure will start at 4.0cmh20, and only increase as and when you need more pressure once you have fallen asleep.

    How long have you had the CPAP machine, and is this your first one?

    If the pressure increases rapidly, then this might mean that there is a leak, and the machine is counter acting the leakage by increasing the pressure. This can occur during the night if you turn over and knock the seal of your mask. Can I ask what mask you have? Is it a good fit? And how long have you had the mask for?

    If the pressure increases rapidly due to an air leak and you struggle with the pressure, if you press the ramp button, this will reduce the pressure back down to 4.0cmh20 for a specific time period, to allow you to settle back down to sleep.

    Can I ask if you have an "MyAir" account set up with your machine? This would allow you to view the data and share it with your doctor to how well you CPAP therapy is going.

    Here is the link to "MyAir" -

    If you can access your CPAP data and would like to email it in to us at, then I would happily take a look at it for you to see if there is anything we can suggest you can do to improve your therapy. It may be a simple case of that the mask leaks, which causing the increased pressure, which we can happily help you resolve.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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  • AirSense 10 AutoSet - Excessive pressure during the night

    I have recently being diagnosed and have a question.

    My local Hospital provided a ResMed AirSense which I have been using for number of weeks.

    With the ramp option turned off, initially all is good with the pressure (set to 4.0 according to the screen).

    Then into the night, the pressure increases and I start to get leaks on the full face mask.

    If I attempt to breathe through my mouth, I can feel a surge of force and my cheeks inflate due to the pressure.

    To fix this, I have the turn the unit off, wait for a minute or so and then back on and the pressure is low and acceptable.

    Is this normal or should I report this back to the hospital?