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  • Excessive wind

    Just wondering if anyone else is bothered by excessive wind and flatulence after using their CPAP. I have also given up trying to find a solution to the air blowing into my eyes and am putting up with constantly watering eyes. Viscotears gel is of no help! Desperately trying to lose weight now as after losing 2 stones last year I was able to sleep without the machine. (Unfortunately I put the weight back on!)

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    Yes, I get terrible wind. Worse than ever since going onto CPAP from APAP, unfortunately.

    You may find this thread helpful as it was discussed there.

    To my last comment on that thread I would now add that I have found using a memory foam travel pillow on top of an ordinary pillow is nearly as comfortable (and a lot cheaper) than a CPAP pillow, and gives much the same results.


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      Me too! But am finding that, after three months on my bipap, it is beginning to settle down. My diaphragm is much less sore too now it's used to its nightly 'workout'

      Re the air blowing into your eyes, have you tried a sleep/beauty eye mask? It might help take off the edge of the gale.

      Hope this helps/


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        Just let it RIPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!
        S2S - Sleep2Snore


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          I use the CPAP machine as the excuse even if it was beans the night before...