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    Hey folks :-)

    I firstly wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU! for the advice and comments you have given in other threads and postings - I don't feel so alone in this now and realise I need practice, patience and time to get used to all this - it's much better than the alternative.

    I recently picked up my CPAP S9 Escape with EPR and have a Mirage Liberty mask (with nasal pillows). I'm a mouth breather (they do make it sound bad when they tell you, don't they!). My mouth and nose are drying out which is causing coughing and sneezing. I suffer from dry mouth anyway and was wondering if a saliva spray could help or whether this would effect use of the machine?

    I don't mind the mask so much now as I remind myself where the release clips are and keep the machine close to me and check where the off switch is (just in case) but I'm having problems in falling asleep. The first night I managed 4 hours before I woke up (which I think was good length of time for first time); I was gasping for breath (I guess I stopped breathing and the air pressure increased). The second and third nights have been worse and I think part of it is my reaction from the first night. I found myself drifting off last night and found I started fighting for breath - I gave up after an hour. I have suffered from a partially blocked nose since being a kid and ENT have said that there are no blockages (thankfully) but it does make it difficult to use my nose for the intake of air and getting used to breathing much more deeply (which I know in the long term is going to be a good thing).

    Also, does anyone know if it is possible for Respiratory to increase the ramp time? The maximum there is 30 minutes and sometimes it can take me much longer to get to sleep.

    Any advice you could give would be gratefully received

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    Welcome to the clan of the hosehead.

    Your questions about the dry mouth - I doubt using the saliva spray before you use the CPAP will help much beyond 1/2 hour, but I guess it could be helpful getting through it when you take the mask off. I can't see any reason why using it would affect the CPAP machine (as long as you don't spray it into the machine!)

    You don't say if you have a humidifier on the machine; if not, then this is the real way forward to deal with the dryness.

    As you say, 4 hours was a good start. All I can suggest about getting past your current problem is the standard advice; wear the mask with the machine on and the pressure up to full in the evening before you go to bed. The theory is that if you get used to it while you are conscious and in control, your brain gets used to it being there and you can then cope with it asleep.

    As for the ramp time, this becomes less of an issue over time too. I actually have my ramp time set to 0 minutes, as I can't get to sleep unless the machine is at pressure - you really do get that used to it. In the mean time, the trick is to keep hitting the ramp button.

    Good luck, it does get much much better


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      As Fred says re humidifier and also the ramp.

      Best of luck!


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        Ramp time, you won't bother with it shortly.
        Best to wait till you are settled in bed and then go for it.

        Humidifier is the way forward as to dryness, but I find the one i have on my newer machine is not quite enough, though I have got used to it now.

        You will find that what suits one may not suit another quite the same so it is a case of experiment a little on your own.

        Do not hesitate to ask questions
        though as the answer may be with someone here.

        4hrs at start is good if you wake up with dryness, I remember when I started many moons ago I would wake up gasping for breath and had to drink water just to breath again, I really did feel that dry. When I got a humidifier it was like heaven I turned it 2/3rds the way up and oh the joy
        S2S - Sleep2Snore


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          Try this!

          Have you thought of music, do you have an Ipod or an mp3 player then use this to relax, it will stop you concentrating on the noises of the machine and will help you to relax. This is how I started out when I first started on cpap, I found myself listning to the air escaping and the noise of the machine which kept me awake for many hours. I then was told about listning to ambient music (waves, rain etc.) and this sent me straight to sleep, try it what do you have to lose?



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            Originally posted by Sleep2Snore View Post
            Ramp time, you won't bother with it shortly.
            I have been on CPAP for 7 years and I still use the ramp whatever you need to get the best results for you...
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