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    On 7th July I was given a ResMed S9 Escape with a Mirage FX nasal mask. The first 4 days were great, I felt like a normal human being again. Then I was back to square one and feeling my normal tired self. I increased the pressure from 9, gradually up to 12. I found the hose had a hole in it which I fixed. Then at my next hospital appointment on the 25th July the nurse was surprised that I was still tired and said I should decrease pressure to 10 as 11 was too high for me. They gave me an auto set to try ~(with new hose) which made me feel even worse and I gave up after 3 nights and went back to the old machine. At my last appointment on the 5th Aug the nurse said my apnea's were 0, no mask leakage and I shouldn't still be feeling tired. I now have another appointment to see the doctors at the sleep clinic. I feel I'm tolerating the mask really well and sleeping OK (no trips to the loo), so why am I still tired? Had my tonsils removed 18 months ago and thought this would be the final answer to my tiredness.

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    Hi and welcome.

    What was your AHI pre CPAP?

    If someone has OSA, goes on CPAP as is perfectly compliant, OSA is removed frmo the equation and in most, tiredness is removed. But if there's another underlying problem which also causes tiredness symptoms, then CPAP obviously isn't going to be the silver bullet.

    You'll find threads in this forum on this topic, suggesting you also look at other areas in your lifestyle, like nutrition etc. Some simply don't get enough sleep.

    As per our Tweets this morning, there can be a host of reasons causing tiredness.

    So by the sounds of it, you do very well on CPAP, but you may simply have had more than OSA alone.