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My Air App (RESMED) AirSense 10 Autoset AirfitF20 Mask

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  • My Air App (RESMED) AirSense 10 Autoset AirfitF20 Mask

    Hi, second post... gently does it
    I've picked up my machine and had the first night sleep with it. I have downloaded the app and received my "First Night Badge".. can a more experienced user help decipher the MY AIR Score... I got 73/100 but no idea what that means.

    My first night experience really wasn't too bad. I did find reading slightly difficult as the top of the mask obscures some of the page but mildly irritating rather than significant. The machine is completely silent, so nothing to complain about there either.

    The most comfortable position for me to sleep has always been on my stomach, propped up on pillows so I rest a book on the headboard and drift off to sleep naturally. Wearing the mask made this uncomfortable and awkward with the trailing tube. I'll give it few more tries than will look at another mask/tube solution.

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    Good Morning,

    Thank you for post.

    This link should help you with looking at the data shown on MyAir -

    If you like to read and the mask obscures your view, have you looked at the full face hybrid masks that are available? These sit under your nose and cover your mouth -

    It does take you a little while to adjust to wearing and sleeping when using your CPAP equipment.