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  • Shoutout for Pad-a-cheek

    Hi All,

    Well, as for my second post...

    A shout out to Pad-a-cheek. I've been using CPAP for circa 8 years (give or take a couple), and have found the most invaluable single item was Karen's mask liners. They make the mask feel as if your not wearing them...
    Best of all, the design is very well engineered, they fit well, washable and reusable to quite a degree.

    If your having trouble with feeling the mask when its on, The best way I can describe them, is they may make the mask feel invisable (yes, you still have the pressure etc...), but they remove the feeling, and also greatly help with reducing leaks.

    If you have any other 'mission critical' shout outs or if you could just have one CPAP accessory, which would it be? let us know below!