I read the following post written in other forum:
It's been about 10-12 months that I'm using the Travel Air Mini permanently, as my main CPAP machine instead of my S10. After a one month using the new HumidX™ Plus for AirMini™, I'm cleaning the it with Denture Cleaning Tablets, the solution gives me an excellent cleaning results, the part becomes snow white clean. The cleaning tablets' company that I'm using mentions that the tablets are laboratory tested and expertly formulated to rigorously effervesce and kill 99% of the bacteria that cause unpleasant odors and bad breath and removes stains & discoloration. It's been almost 3 moths that I'm cleaning the parts. So far so good. It's annoying me being dependent on dedicated costly mask and humidity part. I think that the dedicated mask is about to be solved by purchasing the Maskpap. This is a personal decision and action, not a recommendation to do the same, it is up to you, just think about that and let me know your opinion. I'm not expecting Resmed to approve my solutions, all companies have to make money.