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ResMed ClimateLine Tubing / Best Temperature Setting.

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  • Kelly @ Intus
    Hi Wesley949,

    Can you advise if the water chamber still has water in the morning after use or whether the chamber is empty? What settings do you have on your humidity level and heated tube setting?


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  • Wesley949
    Hi there, thank you for your reply.

    Im still using the ClimateLine tubing but Im still waking up with a dry mouth...something I thought was supposed to stop when using the Humidifier.

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  • Sleep2Snore
    I don't know if there is a correct setting, everyone is different. I don't use a ClimateLine so I am the last to ask, however, by what I read, most leave the ClimateLine at the normal setting (or mid) and adjust the humidifier to compensate, at the end of the day the humidity is going to come from the humidifier.

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  • ResMed ClimateLine Tubing / Best Temperature Setting.

    Hi all,

    It has been a few years since I last posted in these Forums. I apologise for this but I hope everyone is keeping well?

    I have the ResMed set-up (S9 CPAP, H5i Humidifier, Mirage Quattro full-face mask).

    I have started using the Humidifier again after a year plus of not using this. I have renewed the water tub and I have purchased the ClimateLine Heated tubing too.

    It is now 3-weeks in to the Humidification using the ClimateLine tube but I cannot seem to get the right temperature setting. At times, I still wake up with a dry mouth but overall, my nasal congestion is not as bad anymore. I am ranging between the 19-24 Degrees mark. It is Summer here in the UK so my bedroom can be rather humid but I just do not know the best desired setting. I have noticed that compared to using the Humidifier with the standard tubing, I use far less water with the ClimateLine tube.

    Am I doing anything wrong? What should the best temperature be set at during these Summer nights?

    I appreciate all of your assistance and advice.


    Kind Regards,
    Wesley Jordan