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    Hi my name is Sally I am new to the forum. I have recently been diagnosed with Chronic Sleep Apnea and have been using a Dreamstation with Humidifier for 2 weeks now.
    I was shocked to discover I was stopping breathing 75 times every hour during the night! After years of loud snoring , grunting, arms flailing, I am now having a settled nights sleep.
    The first night I tried the machine I was in tears and gave up after 2 hours, my consultant had already told me that I would hate it for the first week and then after that it would become my best friend. I persevered the next night and thereafter, and was over the moon when I managed 9 hours one night.
    I now cannot imagine my life without this machine even after just 2 weeks. I now wake up refreshed and have loads more energy. I have been told that I look so well ( I must have looked awful before!!). I am so pleased that I persevered with it, and my quality of life has vastly improved. My only problem is , I do get a very dry mouth in the mornings with a metallic taste, but that's the only problem. I would be interested to see how other newbies are finding it.

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    Welcome to the forum Sally. I still remember my first night at home, leaks everywhere, air going into the eyes, so dry after an two hours I couldn't breath and had to drink water just to get a proper breath.
    I had to squirt water up my nose so I could breath. Also I had cuts to the bridge of my nose due to having to tighten the mask, in fact it was to tight, but then back then there was no one to help, Internet was just about to kick off, so I was on my own. I could phone the Sleep Clinic at Edinburgh, but getting through was a bit hit or miss back then. Things have improved with forums and help can be found by phoning most hospitals and talking to the Sleep Nurse.Glad you have taken to the CPAP and you are getting on well, The Consultant was right, the machine does start off as something you hate but grow to be dependent of it.
    I really struggle without the machine now.
    If you are using a nasal mask and you get a dry mouth, it may be due to air escaping out your mouth when you are sleeping. If you are using a Full-faced mask, turn the humidifier up a small bit at a time until it helps. Do not over tighten the mask, it is the most common mistake when you first start.

    Good luck on your new journey.into CPAP
    S2S - Sleep2Snore