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Hello ..... I'm new !!! X

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  • Hello ..... I'm new !!! X

    Hi everyone. It's great to find somewhere with so much information and support. Thought I'd come here for my first post and tell you all a bit more about me

    I have always had problems sleeping... Restless, sleepwalking, talking in my sleep, snoring !! Then a few years ago it was pointed out to me that I would occasionally hold my breath. I thought nothing of it until it got much worse.... To the point where I was waking myself up holding my breath (I have an 8 year old daughter who was born with arthritis... I'm sure that's when my apnoea started to get worse) So, I did my sleep test and yesterday I was given my CPAP machine..... Last night I managed a pathetic ten minutes before I panicked, cried then took it off please tell me it gets easier... How do I get used to it? And how do I get over worrying about trying to fall asleep before the full air flow starts?

    Oh and i have been a chronic asthmatic for 25 years and also suffer from laryngospasms

    Thanks guys.... It's great to have somewhere to go where I can talk to people who know what I'm going through xxxxx

    L xxx

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    It gets better

    read "The Big CPAP success thread" in the CPAP machines topic on the forum

    Trying to get to sleep before the "full airflow starts" - you should be able to set the ramp time to something longer if it really botheres you, but after a few months you may find that you can't fall asleep unless it is at the full air flow

    The standard pieces of advice for all newbies to CPAP are:

    Adjust your mask - you want it to be as loose as possible whilst still not leaking; adjust it with the machine on and delivering full presssure, and while you are laying down as you would when you are asleep.

    Get used to your mask when you are awake - getting used to wearing your mask will help, so wear it in the evening when you are reading or watching TV, that way it will become second nature to your body, and not a surprise to your sub-conscious when you go to bed. It helps to get used to the machine running at full pressure like this too.

    Don't expect too much to start - some people take to CPAP immediately, others take time. Don't expect to manage more than a couple of hours the first few nights, and that it may take a couple of weeks to manage a full night. if it is quicker than that, bonus!!

    Hang in there, it is worth it


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      It does get better for most. As Fredxx says try wearing it during the day and then try with it connected and running, this way when you start to feel panic you are not in your bed. I know someone that sat with it in the evenings while watching TV with the machine running (they lay on the floor for most of the time) till they got used to it. They still had problems with leaks etc, but they grew to accept the mask and air being blown at them. They started off with just the mask (no tube attached) and progressed to the machine being connected. They were claustrophobic so had the added problem as they needed a full faced mask. They got there in the end, but it took quite a while. They still get the odd panic, but that is due to waking during the night with a full faced mask on. They have to sit for a while to calm down before they can use the mask and machine again, but they got there and are now coping not to bad.

      Hope you get there in the end.

      Oh, I have had the odd panic session myself. I think a lot of people my well have one.
      S2S - Sleep2Snore