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My husband snores soooo loud i cannot sleep and i am miserable,any suggestions?

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  • My husband snores soooo loud i cannot sleep and i am miserable,any suggestions?

    i am so miserable i cannot sleep and have to work the next day... please what do i do i have tried everything but putting the pillow over his face and sitting on it!!!! HELP!!!!!!
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    Uh, sleep in another room or on the couch !!!!!!!!! Or have him do the same.


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      Get him checked in with a sleep lab. You can find a local one on - there's a map in the middle of the screen. If he has a sleep disorder, the annoyance of the sound of snoring is probably the least of your worries. Worse is brain damage or not waking up at all due to lack of oxygen to the brain.
      Cheers, Joe


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        He needs to see a doctor!!!! The first thing you should have done is sent him to the doctor to get checked out. Often times snoring is caused by something medical that can be treated. Call the doc now and get an appointment set up to get him checked out.


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          Have him see a doctor, may be due to nasal problems and can also cause sleep apnea. Assume you've tried the breathing strips that go on the nose-spreads open the nasal openings so there is less noise. Works great on my son, who can be heard outside the house!


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            Definitely have him see a doctor, and in the meantime, sleep in a different bedroom.


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              Turn him to his side or on his stomach...that could be a quick fix . If he is STILL snoring it is in his and your best interest for him to see a doctor. He could have or could develop a condition called sleep apnea that is potentially deadly. It causes a person to have spurts throughout the night where they stop breathing . If he also sweats in the middle of the night that could be a sign of sleep apnea. He could just be a "snorer" but its better to be safe than sorry


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                Honey I hope these suggestions will help you

                If he is overweight try to lose weight - Losing weight will reduce the fatty tissue in his airway. Eating less and improving his fitness level can significantly improve his ability to breathe freely when you sleep.

                Let him Sleep on his side - Sleeping on his back may cause the flesh of his throat to relax into his airway, so adjusting his sleeping position can alleviate snoring.

                Sleep without a pillow - Try sleeping without a pillow; pillows can block his airway by bending your neck.

                Elevate the head of your bed four inches - Elevation of the head of your bed may make breathing easier and encourage his tongue and jaw to move forward. Elevating the entire head of the bed is better than using a pillow, which can crimp the neck and contribute to snoring.

                Avoid eating food or drinking alcohol before bed - Limit the intake of food or alcohol before bed; do not eat or drink heavily within three hours of your bedtime. These substances relax his muscles and increase the likelihood of snoring

                Avoid high-fat dairy milk products or soy milk products before sleeping - Non-skim milk products and soy milk products, because of their thickness, can keep mucus from draining properly. The result is mucus retained in the throat, which can lead to snoring.

                Try nasal decongestants to clear his nose passages - Nasal decongestants can help people who are able to breathe through their noses while sleeping. Nose breathing circumvents the snoring sound that comes from breathing through a blocked throat.

                If these things does not work he must see a doctor.


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                  Put a fan in your room and turn it on, the white noise will definately help, I did this for my wife who wakes up at the sound of a bird fluttering.


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                    That's a very clever idea. Even CPAP can work as white noise.
                    If you can read this...
           least you seem to be getting enough sleep to stay awake and alert!


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                      Sleep is important to the ricky/Lucy thing and get a seperate bed. Better yet a seperate room. You can still do the couple thing, but take turns visiting.


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                        you could always stop being a typical selfish woman and consider him and not yourself for a change!